Shop assistant thwarts stick-wielding robbers

Lea's Grocers.
Lea's Grocers.

A COURAGEOUS shop assistant sent two armed robbers packing from a Lancaster grocers, despite being attacked with a stick.

Two masked men burst into Lea’s Grocers on Coulston Road, Bowerham, at 8.40pm on Saturday, February 4, threatening the 20-year-old man on duty and demanding that he should open the till.

When the man, a university student, refused, he was hit over the arm with a stick, but warded them off with a brush. The pair then fled and were seen running off down Cork Road.

Shop owner, Peter Lea, said: “They threatened my shop assistant, and there was a lot of shouting. He took a blow to the arm and deterred them with a brush or something from behind the counter.

“He did really well and it was very brave of him. He was not hurt but he was a bit shaken up.”

See the Lancaster Guardian (09-02-12) for full story.