Scam campaign focuses on methods used by criminals to con people

Work: Janice Hanson
Work: Janice Hanson

A new campaign to alert people to the latest scams has been launched.

National Scams Awareness Month run by Lancashire County Council Trading Standards service and the Citizens Advice Bureaux aims to reveal more about the methods being used by criminals to con the Lancashire public.

The campaign will focus on online scams, postal cheats, phone cons and doorstep rip-offs.

Research shows that the majority of scams go unreported, and estimates put the real cost to Lancashire residents at £64m annually, with 76,000 people becoming victims every year.

CAB staff and volunteers will be working with Trading Standards to visit venues and community groups throughout the campaign to offer information and advice.

County Councillor Janice Hanson, cabinet member for public protection, said: “Anyone can fall foul of a scam and thousands of people lose money or are conned out of their personal details every year in Lancashire alone, with some losing huge amounts.

“Scams are big business for organised criminals.

Some are relatively easy to spot, but others are much more convincing, and with so many people being affected, nobody should feel embarrassed to report them and seek advice.

“The more we know about the scams that are out there the more we can do to monitor trends and warn others. The best way to beat the fraudsters is to know what to look out for and we’ll be focusing this month on warning people about the latest scams, and the advice available if you think you have been affected.”

You can keep up to date on any new scam alerts sweeping the county by ‘liking’ Lancashire Trading Standards’ Facebook character Scambuster Stan at

Report scams to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.