‘Professional’ burglar jailed for 22 months

Crown Court.
Crown Court.

A Morecambe man who stole thousands of pounds from a social club after deactivating its alarm has been jailed for 22 months.

Philip Allan, 47, appeared at Northampton Crown Court on Friday and was sent to prison after Recorder Adrian Redgrave said his theft was carried out in a “professional” manner.

The court was told staff at the Earls Barton Silver Band Club in Northamptonshire discovered the break-in in November 2011 after they locked up the night before.

A fruit machine had been broken open and cash taken from a safe.

The police later discovered that magnetic strips which were supposed to activate the building’s alarm had been removed.

About £3,900 in cash was stolen, £300 of alcohol was taken or damaged and there was a repair bill for £1,000.

The court was told Allan had a long record of committing burglaries and had been handed a six-year sentence in 2008 for a string of burglaries at social clubs where alarms had been tampered with. The court heard that police caught Allan because had left DNA at the scene.

Allan’s barrister said the convicted burglar had been trying to get his life back on track.

Recorder Redgrave said: “A theft and repair bill of more than £5,000 would be very serious for a social club of this size.”