‘Prison isn’t enough for him’

Adrian Marrocco.
Adrian Marrocco.

The son of a man brutally murdered at his garage 20 years ago revealed this week how following the incident he would keep guard over his mum’s house until the killer was found.

Tony Marrocco’s son Adrian was serving in the RAF when his father was killed, but moved back home.

Tony Marrocco with his wife Geraldine.

Tony Marrocco with his wife Geraldine.

Terry Clifton was later jailed for life for the murder of both car mechanic Tony and his colleague Paul Sandham.

Adrian, now 42, said: “I moved in with mum and I would parade around the house every night until they found him. I was in defence mode looking after my mum.

“No one knew who the murderer was or where he was so I did an hourly shift guarding the house, keeping an eye on what was going on around the street.”

Adrian sat through Clifton’s trial, which saw the judge recommend he was never released. And he said he can never forgive his father’s killer for cutting short his time with his dad.

He said: “I detest him. Prison isn’t enough for people like that. He should have hanged for what he did.”

Italian Tony, 49, lived in Chestnut Avenue in Bolton-le-Sands with his wife Geraldine.

The couple had been due to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary just months after Tony’s death.

Adrian is a trained mechanic like his father, and would often go down to the garage with Tony after school to learn more about the trade.

After his dad’s business closed Adrian left the RAF and opened up his own car sales firm on White Lund, but left it last year to take up property development.

Adrian now lives close to his mum in Monkswell Drive, Bolton-le-Sands, with his fiancee Lisamarie Graveson.

The former Morecambe High pupil has fond memories of the time he had with his father. He said: “I have a lot of excellent memories. You couldn’t ask for a better dad.

“We still miss him loads and I still get upset every now and again to this day when something reminds me of him.

“He was taken away from me and I have total resentment for him [Clifton].

“Anyone who could do something like he did is a complete waste to society and I don’t think he should ever get out.

“He took my dad away and I will never know what kind of relationship I would have had with him.

“Maybe we would have gone into business together, who knows?

“I will never forgive him for that.”