Police inquiry after booze burglars’ raid

Lancaster Police Station.
Lancaster Police Station.

Burglars stole £70,000 worth of alcohol from a family-run haulage firm at Tewitfield, near Carnforth.

They struck between 6.30pm on November 1 and 9am on November 3.

The offenders entered a haulage yard on an isolated rural road and forced open a secure metal roller shutter door to the warehouse.

Once inside they removed a full pallet of boxed spirits from an unhitched trailer before targeting another unhitched refrigerated trailer.

The burglars are believed to have removed the items from the yard through a neighbouring field, having broken down a small fence.

DC Jill Neil, from Lancaster CID, said: “The alcohol is distinctive as it is in plastic bottles and was intended to be dropped off at Manchester Airport for duty free sale.

“The premises have clearly been deliberately targeted and those responsible would have to have been on site for some time to facilitate this burglary.

“We believe a vehicle will have been parked at the point where the fence was broken down so I’d be particularly keen to speak with anyone that might have seen a vehicle parked at this location.”

The stolen alcohol included 1,314 litre bottles of Gordon’s gin, 912 71ml bottles, 120 half-litre bottles of Baileys, 744 litre bottles of Bell’s original whiskey and 540 litre bottles of Smirnoff blue vodka.

Contact Lancaster police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.