Police catch 17 people speeding on single Lancaster road in just one hour

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Police responding to complaints of speeding in Lancaster spotted 17 motorists going too fast in just one hour.

An officer with a radar gun was positioned on Barley Cop Lane after residents reported problems in the area.

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In a post on Facebook, the force revealed there were 17 vehicles caught speeding in the space of an hour - one every three and a half minutes.

People were quick to react online with many saying the road was dangerous, but others said the 20mph speed limit was too low.

Jacky Nicholson wrote: "I live on Barley Cop and it's dreadful. Sometimes you're just waiting for an accident to happen."

Several others responded suggesting other roads in the area that police should target to clamp down on speeding drivers.

But not everyone was pleased with the police action.

Robert Lawson said: "Money collecting nothing else. Dress it up how you want."