Pigeon man’s last chance to stay out of jail

Pigeon man John Wilkinson feeding the birds on wasteland near his home on Cavendish Road, Morecambe.
Pigeon man John Wilkinson feeding the birds on wasteland near his home on Cavendish Road, Morecambe.

A man faces prison if he continues to breach a pigeon feeding ASBO.

John Wilkinson – dubbed Pigeon Man of Morecambe – feeds large amounts of bird seed to the pigeons each day, along with pasta, apples and ready meals.

But despite having an anti-social behaviour order he has failed to curb his excessive pigeon feeding which has caused his neighbours years of misery.

He has been warned that any further breach of the ASBO could see him jailed.

Speaking after receiving his ASBO in December, Mr Wilkinson said: “I’ve fed the birds for over 50 years.

“There are paedophiles, rapists, burglars in the West End and they target me.

“My house has been attacked by vandals but the police don’t do anything.”

Mr Wilkinson of Cavendish Road, Morecambe, was given a four week suspended sentence and ordered to pay £100 costs and a £80 victim surcharge at Lancaster Magistrates Court for breaching an Anti-social Behaviour Order (ASBO) in connection with his excessive feeding of wild pigeons. He was served with the ASBO in December 2012 for causing annoyance and distress to residents over a number of years by feeding flocks of pigeons outside his home and in other parts of the district. He was fined in July of this year for breaching the terms of his ASBO by feeding birds after 5pm and within 100 metres of his home.

Officers from Lancaster City Council Environmental Health Service and Lancashire Constabulary had evidence that Wilkinson had breached his ASBO on three separate occasions.

Any further breach of the ASBO may result in the sentence given to Wilkinson being enforced.

Coun Karen Leytham, Cabinet member with responsibility for environmental health, said: “The council has received numerous complaints over the years from residents, shopkeepers and local businesses regarding the problems caused by Mr Wilkinson’s pigeon feeding and he has ignored several warnings from the council and the police about the damage and distress his feeding activities were causing.

“The decision to apply for an Anti-Social Behaviour Order in December last year in an attempt to reduce the problem was not taken lightly and only after officers had explored all the avenues open to them.

Mr Wilkinson chose to breach the restrictions imposed on his pigeon feeding habits and it is hoped that the decision to give him a suspended sentence will prove to be a positive step towards improving the lives of those living and working in his local community.”

The ASBO is for two years.