Pet owner warns of ‘dognappers’

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A woman is warning dog owners to beware after she was targeted by burglars she believed wanted to steal her puppies.

A panicked Diane Hodgson received a phone call from her neighbour to say that someone was in her back garden.

She arrived home to find her border terrier puppies , their mum and a black labrador running about.

Diane, of Connaught Road, Heysham, said: “A neighbour said she saw three youths hanging about. I came home and I knew someone had been in the house because my puppies were running about.

“The intruders must have gone past my adult dogs to the puppies.

“Nothing was missing, there was a new television sat in the conservatory that hadnt even been plugged in and my camera and laptop were untouched. I can only think they were after my dogs. My puppies are for sale and I had had a phone call from a prospective buyer but they didn’t turn up.

“I am furious. I just think everybody needs to be aware and I want to warn other dog owners that this is happening.

“It’s made me more wary and I’m scared now.

“Although I live with my son Alan, my daughter Rebecca has been staying with me ever sinc e this happened. My biggest fear is that they will come back and get the puppies.

“I’ve lived here since 2006 and this is the first time an ything like this has happened.

“It’s really quiet and there is no-one behind us. I’ve now had to put barbed wire on the fence to stop people climbing over.

“It’s not the money it’s what would have happened to the dogs. It’s a relief that they are all ok.”

Police said they were still following up enquiries after receiving reports of an attempted burglary at the house on Connaught Road in Heysham on May 3.

The attempted burglary occurred just days before two dogs, a Lakeland terrier and Jack Russell, were stolen from the back garden of a house on Whalley Road in Lancaster.

Police said the thief hadclimbed over a locked garden gate and removed the two dogs from an internal dog run.

Anyone with information should call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.