PCSOs help police to reduce crime

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Police have asked Morecambe Town Council to provide more funding for police community support officers following a 11.2% reduction in crime in Morecambe which the PCSOs had contributed to.

A detailed report of crime statistics from the Police which was discussed by the Police Liaison Group said that all crime had reducedin Morecambe including an 11.8% reduction in anti-social behaviour.

The report then outlined how the PSCOs had contributed to this reduction.

PSCOs were currently the lead officers in respect of several issues ranging from dealing with young repeat offenders to areas of known repeated anti-social behaviour.

The police were of the opinion that without the additional PSCOs which the town council funding supported, the reductions in crime would not be proceeding as successfully.

It was requested that the council should give as much notice as possible to the police with regard to the Council’s commitment of funds for PCSOs for 2015/16.

Morecambe Town Council expressed concern at recent alterations to the PCSO shift pattern which had resulted in PCSOs not working beyomd 10pm on a weekday and 9pm on a Saturday as many issues, particularly anti-social behaviour, occurred between 10pm and midnight.

Inspector Kirstie Banks-Lyon said that savings within the budget which would be achieved through the reduction of allowances for working unsocial hours had prompted the decision, which councillors noted with regret.

Anti-social behaviour viour at Happy Mount Park had been dealt with.