Parents’ fear over daughter’s murderer

Ken and Marie West.
Ken and Marie West.

The parents of a Lancaster woman murdered by her husband say they feel like they have been given their own prison sentence after being told he could soon be living near them.

David Bonnell was given a life sentence for beating Tracey Bonnell to death with a piece of wood in 1997.

Now 46, Bonnell is expected to be released in June and could be moved to a hostel just 40 miles away. And Tracey’s parents, Ken and Marie West, say their family’s feelings should be considered when the decision is made. “The parole board said they are going to let him go into a hostel 40-45 miles away which could be somewhere like Blackpool or Bury,” said Mrs West, 57.

“My husband is an ambulance driver so he can cover a very wide area down to Liverpool or Manchester and up to Carlisle so he could easily run into him.

“We didn’t think we were being unreasonable in asking for him to be kept a reasonable distance away from us.

“There are hundreds of hostels in the UK so why choose one so near?

“We will be looking over our shoulders and being cautious wherever we go.

“It’s like they are releasing him and putting us in a cell, that’s how we feel.”

See the Lancaster Guardian (08-03-12) for full story.