OAP gets visitor ban

Anna Court.
Anna Court.

A sheltered housing resident has been banned from having visitors after a succession of people coming to his flat led to complaints from his neighbours about anti-social behaviour.

Martin Brook, a 63-year-old Adactus tenant from Wesley House, Lancaster, has been

banned from having visitors to his sheltered accommodation, following a hearing at Lancaster County Court.

The two year suspended possession order, which was not opposed by Mr Brook, also bans him from allowing dogs into the scheme, causing noise nuisance, and damaging property. If Mr Brook breaches the suspended order then he could be evicted.

The suspended possession order follows months of joint working between Adactus staff including tenancy enforcement officer Anna Court, scheme co-ordinator Vicki Brett and court officer Steph Roberts.

Mr Brook had been allowing a number of visitors to his flat, who have caused nuisance to elderly and vulnerable tenants by being noisy, leaving the external doors insecure, causing damage in communal areas and generally making residents feel unsafe.

Anna Court said: ‘At the hearing Mr Brook gave assurances that he would not allow any more visitors to his flat without permission from a member of staff from Wesley House.

“He recognised that if he continued to allow these visitors into his home, then he was at risk of losing it.”