Murder victim’s dad speaks out

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The father of a Lancaster University student murdered nearly one year ago, today said he wanted to ask the killer why he did it.

Subhash Bidve says he still cannot make any sense of the death of his son Anuj, 23, who was shot dead on Boxing Day last year in a Salford street by stranger Kiaran Stapleton, 21.

Mr Bidve told a national newspaper: “If God really exists He should give him some sense.

“He (Stapleton) needs to understand the pain he subjects on others.

“He’s the devil. A disgusting human being. He has never shown any remorse for killing my gentle son.”

Anuj had left his home in Pune, India, three months to the day before he died.

He came to Lancashire to enroll to do a master’s degree in microelectronics at Lancaster University.

In December, Anuj and eight of his friends decided to spend a few days over Christmas in Manchester.

And on Christmas Day itself Anuj called his family in India and wished them a happy Christmas.

The factory worker walked up to Anuj, asked for the time and then shot him in the head.

The trial was held at Manchester Crown Court in July and the family watched as Stapleton was caged for 30 years.

Subhash said: “When I was sitting in the court and I was watching my son’s killer enter I thought I’d be angry.

“I thought I would want to spit on him, shout at him or hit him but there was nothing. All I kept asking myself was why?

“I was amazed at how arrogant he was.

“There was no remorse.

“He even laughed.

“I believe he actually took pride in killing my son.”

Subhash said he is now left with an overwhelming feeling of guilt.

He said: “Sometimes I get very angry and I regret ever sending him to the UK.

“But I just want to ask the killer why? Why did he have to kill our son?”

Lancaster University paid tribute to Anuj Bidve on what would have been his graduation day last Wednesday, saying he would always be part of the Lancaster story.

“The university said it would continue to honour his memory.”