Mum’s grief over death after burglary

THE grieving daughter of an elderly woman, who died weeks after a burglar broke into her flat, has told how the terrifying incident was the “catalyst” for her death.

Great-grandmother Barbara Haynes was asleep when 23-year-old William Hartley climbed through the bedroom window of her home in Wheatfield Court, Lancaster, just before 3am on February 15.

The pensioner, who had walking difficulties and had undergone a knee replacement operation, was so terrified after seeing the raider inside her home, she jumped out of bed and locked herself in the bathroom.

She pulled the emergency cord and asked for the police to be called. She then cowered in her bathroom, until she saw police lights through the window.

But around half an hour later, she started complaining of chest pains.

She was taken to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary (RLI), where she stayed for three days until doctors discharged her after confirming she had suffered a heart attack.

Mrs Haynes went to stay with family before moving back to her flat. But on March 16, she was found by a cleaner collapsed in her home.

See the Lancaster Guardian (25-08-11) for full story.