Man jailed for five years after stabbing

JAILED: Garry Bolton was jailed for five years
JAILED: Garry Bolton was jailed for five years

A resident who knifed a man in a row about pranksters allegedly ringing his doorbell has been jailed for five years by a judge.

Garry Bolton, 49, of Pedder Street, Morecambe, believed a group of men were causing a nuisance and came to his front door with a large kitchen knife at around 5.30pm on October 12 last year, Preston Crown Court heard.

Victim Scott Fisher was going out into Lancaster with a few friends in Morecambe and the group was waiting for a taxi on Pedder Street.

During his trial, Bolton claimed the group had been ringing his doorbell and shouting through his letterbox so he took the decision to arm himself in order to confront them.

After a brief exchange of words on his doorstep, he knifed victim Scott Fisher in the abdomen and then the arm, before retreating back into his flat.

Police said the victim was in a serious condition and the first wound had caused a small cut to his kidney.

He was treated at the Royal Preston Hospital.

DC Trevor Walker of Lancaster CID, said: “’This was a vicious and unnecessary attack. Mr Bolton’s actions were completely disproportionate given the minor level of noise nuisance he was faced with.

“His decision to arm himself with a knife was erratic and directly resulted in the serious injuries to Mr Fisher.

“The outcome of the trial and the sentence imposed by the court is appropriate and reflects the obvious severity of the attack.”