Lancaster University goes into mourning

INDIAN students studying at Lancaster University have led tributes to Anuj Bidve, the 23-year-old microelectronics student who was shot dead in Salford on Boxing Day.

Tributes have been left on social networking website Facebook.

Nikita Gupta told how she had had a “long chat” with Anuj before he had left their hotel in Salford prior to the shooting, and had urged him not to go out.

“It’s all just echoing in my head,” she said. “I can still visualise us sitting on the hotel floor and talking...I wish you would have listened to me and not gone, then we would be still enjoying Boxing Day in Manchester.”

She added: “Anuj I can’t forget all our deep conversations or our stupid, funny talks. You were my first friend from this university – I am glad that I met such a beautiful person like you.”

See the Lancaster Guardian (29-12-11) for full story.