Lancaster takeaway owner was subjected to racist insults by would-be customer

A takeaway owner was racially abused by a customer who discovered his ex girlfriend’s new partner worked for him as a driver.

Darren Sherlock, 47, of Ingleton Drive, Lancaster, pleaded guilty to a racially aggravated public order offence and breaching a restraining order.

Urban Spice

Urban Spice

The drama unfolded at Urban Spice on Brock Street, Lancaster, after Sherlock left the Horse and Farrier pub one evening in April last year.

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Prosecuting, Dylan Wagg said: “ The defendant had been drinking and then approached the takeaway on the opposite side of the street.

“The owner states the defendant entered and shouted a variety of insults and abuse, including calling him a paedophile and racist terms, and he also made threats to another man, Mr Chapman, who is a delivery driver.

“Whilst waiting for his delivery outside Urban Spice he heard the defendant shout insults towards the owner, and says he was called a number of names himself. He was subjected to threats of violence.”

Preston magistrates were told Sherlock, who works at a smokehouse in Lancaster, got a restraining order in 2016 not to communicate with his ex partner or her new partner.

His defence lawyer said: “As far as Mr Sherlock was concerned Mr Chapman worked in a takeaway at the bottom of Lancaster.

“He went to order a pizza and was surprised when he went through the door. He didn’t know Mr Chapman was working there.”

The bench imposed a community order for Sherlock to attend the Thinking Skills programme, and a 42 day electronically monitored curfew.