Lancaster man jailed for student sex assault

Tony Mazaiwana.
Tony Mazaiwana.

”It was scary, I never could have anticipated it would have happened to me - that it did happen to me will always be in the back of my mind.”

Those were the harrowing words of a Lancaster student as the man who dragged her around before sexually assaulting her was jailed for six years.

Preston Crown Court.  PIC BY ROB LOCK

Preston Crown Court. PIC BY ROB LOCK

Tony Tonderayi Mazaiwana, 38, of Langdale Road, Lancaster, is believed to have spotted the victim around six minutes before launching the depraved attack, following her as she cut through an alleyway.

She was grabbed around the mouth and dragged to a car, where he forced her face down onto the bonnet and attacked her, only stopping when a man walked out of the ginnel.

The married dad-of-three was found guilty of the sexual assault, which happened on Saturday, December 10, near Milking Stile Lane, Lancaster, following a trial at Preston Crown Court.

CCTV showed him walking around Lancaster in the moments before he saw the victim and began to follow her.

In a personal statement the woman said she had been stressed about walking home from her lectures since the attack, particularly in the dark.

She said she felt “nervous whenever someone is behind her” and that it affected her ability to revise for exams shortly after incident


Defending, Paul Humphreys said Mazaiwana, who suffers epilepsy, was “struggling to come to terms” with what he had done and did not remember the incident.

He said: “I don’t think he’s in a state of full acceptance because he has no recollection. He is devastated for the victim of this offence, he feels terribly sorry for her that she has been put through this ordeal.

“He hadn’t gone out that night to look for someone. He had been to a Christmas party.”

Judge Andrew Woolman said: “ You’d been out at a works do and ended up in a club and must have had too much to drink and at some point you left the club and were walking around the streets of Lancaster.

“At the same time in the early hours the victim was walking home after her night out. She was rather drunk, and her shoes were killing her so she’d taken them off.

“At some point you and she must have crossed paths and it is quite clear that for some six minutes at least you were following her down the road, for 350 yards or so.

“ At 2.50am she got to Milking Stile Lane, a dark narrow ginnel, and that was the place where you decided you were going to assault her. Towards the end of the ginnel you attacked her from behind and you put your hand over her mouth, pushed her out of the end of the ginnel and forcibly put her face down on the bonnet and pulled down her tights.

“ It must have been a terrifying experience for her.

“Fortunately, if there is any fortunately about it, at that point a man emerged from the ginnel and you ran off.

“This is every woman’s worst nightmare, being attacked from behind at night, while alone.

Although you say you have no recollection of it, that’s what the jury found you did.

“In all other respects you are described as a decent, upright man, with no previous convictions and it is truly astonishing that someone like you should commit, and out of the blue, offence like this.”