Lancaster drug offender is told: "You're an idiot"

A man who hid drugs in his mouth when suspicious police stopped a car he was in has been branded an "idiot" by a judge.

Monday, 9th November 2020, 3:45 pm

Wayne Woodburn, 48, of Orchard Road, Arnside, was subject to a 22 month suspended jail term at the time, Preston Crown Court heard.

Prosecuting, Charles Brown said officers pulled over a car in Lancaster on September 3, 2019.

He added: " They found 24 wraps of crack cocaine, a wrap of heroin, a small quantity of cannabis and six tablets.

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Crown Court

"One of the packages was in his mouth.

"When he was interviewed he basically said he'd found the package on the floor and put them in his mouth, but clearly now accepts they were for his personal use."

Woodburn admitted possession of crack cocaine, diazepam, cannabis and heroin.

Judge Beverly Lunt said: " He's an idiot. What's he doing carrying drugs?"

His defence lawyer said Woodburn had many years of drug dependency and said he had since left Lancaster and was living with his mother to avoid contact with others he had previously offended with.

Addressing the defendant, Judge Lunt said: "Seriously? I don't expect you to be cured overnight, but I gave you the suspended sentence order to try and help you - and here you are with a pocket full of drugs. It's silly, just silly.

"The last thing you need to do at the moment is go to prison is it?

She granted a six month conditional discharge but added: " I'll give you this chance because everything else you did you did properly, but if I see you again I'll activate it.

"Stay off drugs."

Woodburn replied: " Nice one."

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