Joy after iPhone hols theft misery

Linda Sieben
Linda Sieben

A holidaymaker who had her iPhone stolen will soon be reunited with it after a bizarre series of events led to it being handed in at Lancaster police station.

Linda Sieben, from Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, had spent four weeks travelling in Great Britain on a dream holiday but as she prepared for her flight back to Canada, she discovered her iPhone, with more than 2,000 holiday snaps, was missing.

She searched the hotel room for the phone, but there was no sign of it.

“I felt sick because this was the trip of a lifetime,” she said. “And because, my friend didn’t take so many photos and I was going to give them to her.”

She returned to her home disappointed that the holiday photos she had been excited to share with family and friends were never to be seen again.

“I was ready to say, ‘oh well it’s gone’” said Linda, but it wasn’t until her daughter, Shawna, logged onto her mother’s computer to check the iCloud stream from her phone that a glimmer of hope appeared.

“A couple of days into it, stuff started showing up,” said Linda.

Her daughter kept a watchful eye on the iCloud stream, (which stores all the content of an iPhone) and began noticing peculiar photos of people that she did not recognize. Photos appeared of a mysterious man and a young woman in a British flat.

The person who had the phone started uploading personal information, all viewable on iCloud in Canada, and that prompted the duo to call the police in Lancashire.

Linda spoke to PC Ben Hanley. “He made it his little thing, his mission, to get it back,” she laughed.

His dedication paid off and a few days later he emailed to say he had the phone.

He did not believe the person who had the phone was the one who had taken it, as he told Linda it appears they purchased the stolen phone.

Now the iPhone, with all the pictures, is on its way back to her from Lancashire.