Jailed fraudster must pay back cash

A Bentham accountant, who is currently serving a prison sentence for his fraudulent crimes must repay £272,729.86 or face a further three years behind bars.

Geoffrey Langdale was jailed for six years last September after a court heard how he used more than £1m of his client’s money to support his own business and make investments.

The confiscation order, secured under the Proceeds of Crime Act, allows Langdale six months to pay back the money or he will be jailed for a further three years.

Once Langdale has paid all of the money back, it will be repaid proportionately to his victims as compensation.

Acting Detective Inspector Jonathan Rowland who leads the Force Economic Crime Unit, said: “This was a case where many individuals trusted Langdale because of his position in the community as an accountant, however he abused that trust for his own ends and many of those individuals are now in financial difficulty as a result.

“North Yorkshire Police’s Economic Crime Unit investigated this complex case and I would like to commend both the Detective Constable and Financial Investigator who worked tirelessly to ensure that Langdale was prosecuted and convicted.

“The investigation resulted in a six year prison sentence for Langdale and he has now, through the Proceeds of Crime Act, been stripped of his remaining assets. Most importantly, this will go some way to compensating the victims of Langdale, albeit that in most cases, they will sadly not get back anything like the amount that what was stolen from them. Once again, this case demonstrates our determination to use the Proceeds of Crime Act wherever possible, to ensure convicted criminals do not benefit financially from their crimes.”