Hate crime victims urged to speak out

PC Ian Ashton.
PC Ian Ashton.

Schools will be told to make sure they are reporting hate crimes properly as police in Lancashire launch a new drive urging victims to speak up.

The measure is one of several which officers will be working on to target those who bully and intimidate people over their race, gender, disability and sexuality.

Officers from Lancashire Police yesterday, Wednesday, attended commemorative services in Bradford and Manchester as Transgender Day of Remembrance was marked nationally.

The new campaign follows the deaths of Anthony Stubbs and Lucy Meadows in the county over the last few years.

Police hope increased reporting of all types of hate crime will prevent future tragedies by stopping abuse at an early stage and they want schools to ensure that they are offering the right support.

PC Ian Ashton, of Lancashire Constabulary’s Diversity Unit, said: “Hate crime of any kind is not acceptable, and instances of it need to end.

“The only way for the police to stamp out this behaviour is if we know about it and we need the public’s help to achieve this. What may seem as ‘harmless banter’ can be very hurtful to the victim and the occasional snide comment can escalate.”