Grief drove man to burn wife’s cash

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Latest news.

A bereaved husband who torched all his wife’s money, because he was so upset about her dying, is now being sued by her lover, who is demanding he replaces the cash.

Navpreet Walia, 40, says he was so deranged with grief at the premature death of his estranged wife Jocelyn that he “literally burned” the £68,000 in cash that represented the whole of her estate, London’s Appeal Court heard.

Lord Justice Davis heard that the couple married in July 2003, and had a daughter, Emma, now aged eight, before Mrs Walia left the matrimonial home in Lancaster and formed a new relationship.

She had another child, this time a son, Philip, now four, with her new partner, Felipe Lim.

Because Mrs Walia had not made a will before her death from cancer, everything she owned was inherited by her estranged husband.

But Mr Lim and Mrs Walia’s children claimed a share of the estate and Judge David Hodge ruled last year at Manchester High Court that they were entitled to “reasonable provision” from the money she left behind.

Lord Justice Davis said: “Mr Walia must, within 10 days, state by affidavit exactly what has happened to the proceeds of the insurance policy”.