Gotcha! Port arrest for Polish paedo

One of Poland's most wanted offenders Marian Dorobek was arrested at Heysham Port.
One of Poland's most wanted offenders Marian Dorobek was arrested at Heysham Port.

Police had just 25 minutes’ notice to arrest one of Poland’s most wanted sex offenders at Heysham Port.

After a tip-off that pensioner Marian Dorobek would be stepping off one of the ferries at Heysham, police swooped and arrested him.

Marian Dorobek.

Marian Dorobek.

In his home town of Chelminska, Poland, Dorobek had been convicted of seven offences against children, which included rape, sexual assault, threatening a victim with a gun, imprisoning victims in a flat before abusing them, drugging his victims, plying his victims with drink and taking photos of his victims before abusing them sexually.

He was sentenced to 10 years in prison in the district court in Grudziadz, Poland on March 24, 2016 but then disappeared.

At the time of his arrest at Heysham, he had been visiting family on the Isle of Man.

Inspector Phil Hutchinson, of Lancashire Police, said: “Our prompt actions have resulted in an extremely dangerous offender being taken off the streets.”

Dorobek was arrested on leaving the ferry under Section 5 of the Extradition Act 2003 as the European Arrest Warrant had not arrived. This is the first use of Section 5 within Lancashire.

The Polish Government has emailed Lancashire Constabulary praising and thanking them for their swift intervention and support.

Inspector Phil Hutchinson said: “This is a great example of innovative use of legislation and of a number of disciplines from within the Constabulary coming together at a moment’s notice to facilitate this arrest.

“ We spoke to the National Crime Agency and the Polish Government and we had no more than 25 minutes to get police to the ferry docks.

“The agencies worked smoothly together and as soon as he came off the ferry he was arrested.He has appeared at Westminster Magistrates and he has appealed against his extradition which is his right.

“He is expected to be deported next week once the courts have dealt with due process.

“He will be taken to the airport by Lancashire police officers and handed over to the Polish police.

I’ve not seen many offences worse than this and I personally think he is an extremely dangerous individual.

“The feedback from the Polish goverment has been really nice. This is a good result for the people of the UK.”

Inspector Hutchison added: “Anyone arrested in Lancashire who is a foreign national will have foreign national checks done on them.”

The National Crime Agency did not wish to comment. Peel Ports, who run Heysham Port, declined to comment saying it was a police matter.

Dorobek’s list of sex offences on his European arrest warrant:

Inspector Phil Hutchinson of Lancashire Police said Doborek’s offences included on his European arrest warrantwere:

1) He used violence and had sexual intercourse twice with a minor

2) His second victim was raped several times.

3) He was in possession of a black pistol threatening to harm one of his victims

4) He locked one of his victims in a flat and used violence and committed sexual assault.

5) He locked a person in a room, threatened her with violence then forced himself on her.

6) He plyed his victim with alcohol, tied her up and had sexual intercourse twice.

7) On New Year’s Eve he put a drug in water and had intercourse with his victim.

All his offences involved young and vulnerable children and he alsotook photos of his ~