Footie season sparks violence

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Police are using the start of the new football season to launch an anti-domestic violence campaign.

Officers see an increase in the number of such incidents when high-profile matches are played, data shows.

They have urged victims and witnesses to come forward with information and want offenders to more closely consider the implications of their actions.

Detective Superintendent Mike Forrester, of Cumbria Police, said: “There is never an excuse for domestic violence and football does not give offenders any justification for their behaviour to fall below acceptable standards – violence of any type simply will not be tolerated.

“During the season we want to raise awareness of domestic abuse and highlight how victims, family members, witnesses and others affected by violence can get in touch to seek help.

“We want to raise awareness of the issue while sending a warning to violent offenders that they are being watched, and we will take positive action where possible.”

He added: “Don’t hurt those people who love you.”