Facebook shares help in return of stolen trike

Ilsa Darby with her trike, which was stolen but later recovered and returned.
Ilsa Darby with her trike, which was stolen but later recovered and returned.

A social media campaign to get a disabled teenager’s trike back after it was stolen has reunited the cycle back with its delighted owner.

Police were appealing for information after Ilsa Darby’s black Hase Kettweisel bike was stolen from the garden shed at the family home between February 28 and March 1.

But on Monday afternoon a passer-by noticed a man on the bike on the cycle track by Greyhound Bridge who then alerted police.

Two PCSOs found the bike and a man was arrested for the theft and the cycle was recovered.

Mum Penny Darby said: “It’s just brilliant news. It just shows people have been sharing the image and by sharing it, it has been recognised.

“Everyone knew about it in such a quick time.

“We didn’t expect to get in back in such a quick time, or all in one piece.

“Ilsa saw that it had been found and she is really excited to get it back.

“It’s just such a relief to get it back.

“I’ve had lots of messages of support from people.”

Fourteen-year-old Ilsa has cerebral palsy and needs the specially adapted bike to be able to cycle with her family on trips out.

In 2012, after undergoing major surgery, Ilsa made two special trips to London to be measured for the trike.

The trike is not used everyday but plays an important part in Ilsa’s exercise routine.

Penny said: “The bike was quite expensive and we had to go down to London twice to get it measured and modified, with special pedals.

“We would have to go through all that again.

“I would like to say thank you to whoever saw the bike and told the police.The nice weather is on its way and we can now go out as a family again because we have got the bike back.

“It’s really lovely to know that people were looking out for it.”

*A man is currently being questioned in connection with the theft.