Eight of Lancashire’s most wanted offenders targeted by police in operation aimed at reducing robberies

Eight of Lancashire’s most wanted offenders have been targeted by police in an operation aimed at reducing robberies in the county.

Operation Calibre is a national policing operation aimed at reducing robbery offences.

In Lancashire, police have targeted eight of the most wanted offenders with the aim of bringing them into our custody before Christmas.

Det Chief Supt Nick Connaughton, from Lancashire Police, said: “Reducing robbery is a key priority locally as well as nationally.

“Fortunately, here in Lancashire, personal robbery is relatively low, but we recognise the impact these crimes can have on their victims, so we are committed to reducing offences further.

“By using all our resources over the coming weeks, we will put a stop to those who think that they can evade capture and show them that there is always a place for them in our cells.”

These are eight of the county’s most wanted offenders: