Drugs money launderer jailed

Lauren Padgett.
Lauren Padgett.

A MUM who lived a lavish lifestyle on drugs money has been jailed for money laundering.

Lauren Padgett, 27, has been handed a 22 month jail sentence after helping her drug dealing partner launder £58,000.

Padgett took the cash from Anthony Diprose, also 27, in an attempt to hide the profits from his cocaine dealing activity in Lancaster and Morecambe.

Diprose was the head of an organised crime gang that operated out of Lancaster’s Ryelands estate and used fear and intimidation to stop residents from speaking to the police.

In June he and his associates were jailed for a total of 67 years, with Diprose being given a 16-year sentence for conspiracy to supply cocaine; laundering over £100,000 and fraud by false representation after clocking a Range Rover.

Lauren Padgett, who lived with Diprose in Roeburn Drive, Morecambe, pleaded guilty to money laundering and the fraud involving the Range Rover.

Det Sgt Neil Drummond, of Lancashire Police, said: “Diprose and Padgett lived a lavish lifestyle with designer clothes, expensive jewellery and a high value car.

“Padgett was complicit in laundering the money over a period of five years.

“The large amount of cash that she laundered, was amassed through drug dealing and brought misery to the local community.”