Drivers fined for ignoring signs

Drivers who ignored 'no entry' signs were given fixed penalties.
Drivers who ignored 'no entry' signs were given fixed penalties.

Drivers who ignored ‘road closed’ and ‘no entry’ signs around the Heysham M6 link roadworks were handed on-the-spot fines by Lancashire Police.

Lancashire Police handed out 23 notices for offences during the course of Monday July 27, and will be returning to the area to ensure traffic signs and instructions are being adhered to.

The Fixed Penalty Notices were used as punishments for drivers who contravened ‘no entry’signs in place around the Heysham to M6 Link road works on Northgate/A683 junction.

Motorists were stopped on Newgate having come through Northgate, which runs through the White Lund Industrial Estate from Ovangle Road to Whitegate, in the wrong direction.

Costain Construction Manager, Richard Helme said: “Our experience across the project is that most drivers adhere to traffic management signage and instructions in place.

“Having monitored the situation at the Northgate works, the police felt there was an increased risk of an accident due to motorists’ failure to comply with traffic management arrangements.

“We understand closures have an impact on journey times as we experience it ourselves across the project, we ask commuters to give themselves extra time and plan their journeys ahead.

“The traffic management is essential for us to safely complete the works required at each junction, as we tie in to the existing network”.

The construction works on the Northgate junction with the A683 are expected to be complete and fully open to traffic again by the end of 2015.