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Police warning about house burglaries

Police have issued advice about how to avoid house burglaries following Christmas and New Year. Father Christmas has been and now we have all opened our presents, can we all please be aware that some persons may try and spoil our New Year by taking them. Help keep things safe by following these simple tips.

*If your living room is visible from the street don’t leave new laptops, tablets, games consoles,etc. on show.

*New bikes should be security marked (contact your local PCSO for details) and locked in the house or garage when not in use.

*Please ensure your doors are locked even when you are at home.

*Always check the identity of anyone who wants access to your house.

Bike registering on offer

Every Sunday in January from 11am to 6pm at Lancaster police station, bike owners can visit to have their cycle coded. This coding is none damaging, the mark being made by chemical bonding to the paint work.Initially the coding will be done at Lancaster but dates will be set for other areas shortly, police said.

Alarming speeding figures

Alarming speeding figures have been uncovered on roads in Lancashire with the fastest speed snapped by a camera being 126mph in a 30mph. The incident, which was recorded at 3.57am on May 29, 2011, was revealed as part of a Freedom of Information request, covering the last five years, to Lancashire Constabulary. Other excessive speeds include 108mph on a 30mph stretch road and 100mph in a 50mph zone – double the limit.