Crime Commissioner praises mountain rescue teams

Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw
Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw

The vital work of Lancashire’s life-saving Mountain Rescue Teams (MRTs) has been praised by the county’s Police and Crime Commissioner, after Lancashire police donated £1,500 to the charities.

The Constabulary works closely with the county’s three MRTs in Rossendale and Pendle, Bowland Pennine and Bolton, and has agreed to donate £500 to each team.

Mr Grunshaw praised the teams’ work as “invaluable”, saying :“Lancashire’s MRTs are made up entirely of volunteers, yet the work they do is both invaluable and essential.

There are many occasions when their expertise is called upon to save lives, and they work closely with police officers in high-risk scenarios ranging from the safe evacuation of casualties to searching for missing people.”

The funds will be taken from the Proceeds of Crime Equalities reserve.