Crackdown on Carnforth nuisance riders

POLICE in Carnforth confiscated two mini motos from a rider who was stopped twice in one day for being a nuisance.

They also seized a second mini moto from another rider as part of a crackdown prompted by complaints from residents.

Mini motos can only be driven on private land, with the permission of the land owner, but local people said that many were being ridden on public footpaths and roads, on school playing fields, car parks and on the beach.

Lancashire police said that riders often do not have driving licences, insurance, MOTs or safety equipment such as helmets, so they are both a danger to themselves and other people.

On Saturday, patrols confiscated a mini moto from a 24-year-old on Highfield Road. The same rider was stopped shortly afterwards with a different machine while on Tipping Road. Again the bike was seized and the man has been reported for several motoring offences. A second rider, age 20, was also stopped on Tipping Road, which leads to the quarry, and his bike was seized; he was given six penalty points and a £200 fine.

PC Iain Moneagle, road policing, said: “Too many people drive these mini motos irresponsibly and it can cause real problems, not just in Carnforth but in many rural areas across the county.

“Riders can be a menace as these bikes are ridden at all times of the day and evening, creating lots of noise and causing environmental damage as they churn up the land. Aside from this, a lot of these bikes are in a dangerous condition, and are not just a risk for the rider but also for innocent members of the public who they ride past.”

He added: “The school holidays are almost upon us and traditionally we get more complaints during this period. We will continue to crack down on this problem and will not tolerate these vehicles on public land or highways. Riders will be prosecuted and their vehicles will be seized.”