Court listings 04/07/17

The following people were dealt with at Lancaster Magistrates Court:

Wednesday, 5th July 2017, 6:05 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:48 am
COURT Lancaster Magistrates Court. 23080411

CAMPBELL, John Paul (42), Crookleigh Place, Heysham. Breached a non-molestation order. Community order made. Rehabilitation activity for 12 days. Costs £170.

CARBERRY, Vaughan (30), Marlborough Road, Heysham. Theft x2. Offence whilst subject to conditional discharge. Community order made, rehabilitation activity for 15 days. Order to continue. Compensation £80, fined £25, costs £85.

CHARNOCK, Paul Anthony (48), Stanley Road, Heysham. Drug driving. Fined £480, costs £48, disqualified from driving for 12 months.

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CORLESS, Brian Lee (33), Langdale Place, Lancaster. Failed to comply with suspended sentence order. Charged with original offence of theft x4. Theft x2. Committed to prison for eight weeks. Compensation £115.

DICKINSON, Colin (51), Tranmere Crescent, Heysham. Drink driving. Community order with rehabilitation requirement. Fined £213, costs £170, disqualified from driving for 23 months.

FITTON, Jamie (25), Lymm Avenue, Lancaster. Failed to comply with community order. Order to continue. Fined £25.

GARDNER, Jason (46), Austwick Road, Lancaster. Breached a sex offender’s notification order x2. Fined £92, costs £115.

GILLAM, Brian (50), Sycamore Grove, Lancaster. Non-payment of fine. Further time to pay ordered.

GRIFFITHS, Robert (30), Brendjean Road, Morecambe. Drink driving, possession of Class A drug. Fined £576, costs £120, three year driving ban. Two tablets of MDMA to be forfeited and destroyed.

HALLIWELL, Robert (51), West End Road, Morecambe. Non-payment of fine. Sum to be remitted from fine.

HANNAFIN, Katrina Marie (36), Redcar Road, Lancaster. Assault. Conditional discharge for 12 months. Compensation £50, costs £170.

KIERZEK, Toby (29), Oakley Road, Heysham. Criminal damage. Assault. Theft. Restraining order made. Fined £300, compensation £20, costs £115.

MCQUAID, Vicky Elizabeth (33), Hubert Place, Lancaster. Failed to comply with suspended sentence. Order to continue with supervision and curfew.

NEAVE, Billy Ernest Michael (23), Hest Bank Lane, Lancaster. Theft. Criminal damage. Fined £160, compensation £50, costs £115.

NICHOLSON, Wayne (40), Lancaster. Shoplifting x2. Fined £80, compensation £56, costs £105.

PEARCY, Ian (46), Rosella Regent Bay Holiday Park, Westgate, Morecambe. Breached a restraining order. Community order made. Rehabilitation activity for up to 22 days. Costs £170.

RASENTHIRAM, Panchakumaran (44), Westminster Road, Morecambe. Failed to provide a specimen of breath. Fined £300, costs £115, 12 month driving ban.

RODGERSON, Christine (56), Gaskell Place, Ryelands, Lancaster. Shoplifting. Twelve month conditional discharge. Compensation £43, costs £45.

STUART, Andrew William (53), The Alders, Garstang. Drink driving. Fined £390, costs £124, 16 month driving ban.

SWARBRICK, Stephen John (55), Skerton House, Mainway, Lancaster. Shoplifting. Two year conditional discharge. Compensation £20, costs £20.

TAYLOR, Ryan Ben (36), Hollins Lane, Lancaster. Harassment. Breached suspended sentence. Eighteen weeks jail suspended for 18 months. Restraining order for two years. Compensation £100.

WADDINGTON, Carl Leslie (41), Euston Grove, Morecambe. Theft. Fraud x2. Failed to surrender to custody. Failed to comply with community order. Committed to prison for 26 weeks. Costs £115.

WAGSTAFF, Bradley (22), Benson Avenue, Morecambe. Breached a community order. Fined £100. To be detained in the courthouse until court rises or pay £100.

WILKINSON, Nicole Simone (38), Melbourne Road, Lancaster. Shoplifting x5. Breached community order. Costs £100, 18 weeks prison.

WILLIAMS, Darren Paul (37), Fairfield Road, Heysham. Produced cannabis. Fined £120, costs £105. Cannabis equipment forfeited and destroyed.

Tim Speak, 47, of Chapel Street, Galgate, was not convicted of assault as reported in the June 13 edition of The Visitor and June 15 edition of the Guardian. The charge was dismissed with no evidence offered.