CCTV cameras will help fight crime

Town centre CCTV camera (w120911-14d)
Town centre CCTV camera (w120911-14d)

CCTV cameras could be critical in the fight against crime in Morecambe.

At a meeting of The Police Liaison Group concern was expressed over a number of well documented incidents in Morecambe recently which residents were concerned about.

As PCSOs would now be finishing their patrols earlier in the evening and there was a duty for all agencies to work together to ensure that the streets are as safe as they could reasonably be, there was a view that CCTV operation remained critical to this and, in order to reassure residents, members were of the opinion that they had a need to understand the CCTV coverage within the town and how CCTV was monitored and used in crime prevention.

Morecambe Town Council has included £67,608 within its budget for 2015/16 for the funding of PCSOs.

But because of a change in working hours which means PCSOs finish their shift at 10pm instead of midnight, concern had been expressed about a possible increase in crime as a result.

Inspector Kirsty Banks-Lyon reported that crime was down by 256 compared to the same date last year, although there had been a slight rise since December.

The town council was recommended to request the city council to consider the implementation of CCTV cameras as a method of managing anti-social waste/rubbish issues and also to organise a visit to the CCTV control room and obtain a breakdown of the CCTV camera positions and hours of use.