Card player hit by man with rolling pin

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  • Argumented started during card game over a comment
  • Grandfather was heavy drinker who spent £70 a week on booze
  • Ordered to pay victim £400 in compensation

A grandfather who struck a friend on the head with a rolling pin when a game of cards turned into a row has avoided an immediate jail term.

David Nevitt, 62, of Church Street, Morecambe, admitted a count of unlawful wounding to a judge.

Preston Crown Court heard he had been a drinker for many years, and usually spent around £70 a week on booze, but had not been convicted of any violent offences for around 30 years.

Prosecuting, Michael Blakey said an argument broke out with the victim, a Lancaster man, on January 4 last year during a cards game, when a comment was taken out of context.

A rolling pin or bat is thought to have been used as a weapon during the attack.

Defending Nevitt, Peter Horgan said: “He has seen the victim since the incident and tried to shake his hand but was refused and the matter was left there.

“He continues to drink daily.

“But he desires to see his grandchildren at their weddings.”

Imposing a 13 and a half month sentence, suspended for 12 months, Judge Pamela Badley said: “ At the age of 62 you have behaved in a violent and disgraceful fashion towards someone who was a drinking companion.

“The lifestyle you have engaged upon is one that is familiar in tales of excess that I hear in court, but usually people drinking of this level are 18 to 25. The fact you have lived to the age of 62 has not taught you any life lessons.

She added: “You are fortunate he has recovered from his injury.

“It is never too late to change your lifestyle.”

Nevitt was ordered to pay his victim £400 compensation.