Burglar stole photos of mum’s dying baby

Michelle Greenwood who lost her daughter Laila five days before Christmas and her mother Sandra Allen .
Michelle Greenwood who lost her daughter Laila five days before Christmas and her mother Sandra Allen .

She only got to spend a few precious weeks with her tiny newborn baby.

But as devoted mum Michelle Greenwood sat by her daughter’s hospital bedside, her memories of Laila’s first few days were being taken away.

Around 200 pictures of Laila, who died just weeks later, were on a computer broken by burglar Brian Smith during a raid on Michelle’s Morecambe home.

Smith, 40, who pleaded guilty to burglary at Lancaster Crown Court, also stole baby clothes after breaking into the Bold Street property by smashing a window.

Michelle, 32, was so distraught she could not return to her home, instead taking her three other children to her mum’s house nearby. Michelle said: “I just feel completely sick.

“They took the only thing I had of her before she went in hospital.”

Laila was born on September 24 last year butwas taken into hospital 13 days later.

She had sniffles so the family called the doctor and took her to the Queen Victoria Hospital at Morecambe.

She was transferred to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary and then on to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital after she was found to have multiple problems with her heart.

Despite the efforts of doctors, she passed away on December 20.

Michelle’s mum Sandra Allen said her daughter was heartbroken by the loss of the photographs.

She said: “It was a lot of stress on her and me, it was awful.The other kids are heartbroken but I’m trying to keep it together for all of them.

“He has wrecked our lives on top of everything that has happened. They trashed the house, it stunk of wee and beer. They had been through every room and thrown stuff around everywhere, it was a real mess. She was struggling and finding it really hard to go and see Laila every day.

“Michelle doesn’t sleep, she is up all night long.”

Sandra said that Michelle’s other three children Sabrina, Shauna and Jack, who attend Heysham High and West End Primary, were devastated.

Smith, of Sefton Road, initially stood trial for the burglary, which he carried out on October 20, 2012, but pleaded guilty at a later stage. During the burglary he also stole three Wii games, jewellery, a rucksack, a portable DVD player, a laptop, a guitar, a laptop case, a Wii and Wii controller and a webcam. He is due to be sentenced on May 16.