Bike thefts on the up in city, say police


Cyclists are being urged to securely lock their bikes away after a recent rise in thefts in Lancaster.

Although the number of bicycles stolen in the area so far this year has fallen compared to previous years, police said the nature of the recent spate of thefts meant owners should be extra security aware.

Officers also advised people to register their property with, which police across the UK use to trace stolen items.

Sgt Guy Hamlett, of Lancaster Police, said: “Bicycle thefts are something that we have noticed is starting to become a problem, so we want to make sure residents are doing everything they can to keep their property safe.

“Nearly two thirds of the bicycles stolen recently have been insecure at the time, as they have been kept in an unlocked shed, out in the garden, or have been taken from the street where they’ve not been securely locked to a fixed object, such as a bike stand or railings.

“Therefore, it is important to keep your bicycle securely locked indoors when not in use, and secured to a fixed point with a strong lock when you are out and about.

“We’ve also noticed recently that thieves are attacking the exterior hinges of doors to gain access to locked sheds, therefore we would advise bicycle owners, if possible, to ensure that their shed doors have interior hinges, as well as being securely locked.”