Bike blues for OAP after theft

Colin Stansfield with his electric bike that was trashed next to his bike 'tent' which was ripped open
Colin Stansfield with his electric bike that was trashed next to his bike 'tent' which was ripped open

A GREAT grandfather has told of his despair after one of his bicycles was stolen and another trashed during a burglary outside his home.

A new, padlocked £50 bike tent outside Colin Stansfield’s block of flats, which was storing the bikes, was ripped apart to get at them.

Mr Stansfied, 68, who lives at the Places For People flats on Graham Street, Greaves, discovered the burglary at 6am on Tuesday morning.

A £250 electric bike, which the civil servant uses due to his arthritis, had been damaged and a £300 red Raleigh folded bicycle had been taken.

Mr Stansfield, who has nine great-grandchildren and 14 grandchildren, said the incident had ruined his plans to go cycling with a friend who was travelling from London to visit him the following day.

He also cycles to Lancaster Station every day to catch a train to Preston where he still works part-time in the civil service.

“Whoever did this had climbed over a six or seven foot fence,” he said.

“I had bought the bike tent because the housing association does not allow sheds and there is not space in my flat for the bikes.

“I’ve got arthritis and I am getting old so I had bought the electric bike after seeing it advertised in the newsagents but all the casing has been smashed.”

Mr Stansfield said he was not inusred because the tent was outside in the garden.

“This will wipe out my pension for the month,” he added.

“I give to charities and to drug addicts and drunks who are begging on the streets and then this happens.

“Why on earth would someone want to rob a pensioner? It’s very sad.”

Sgt Cara Leadbetter, of Lancaster Police, said an insecure bicycle had also been stolen from nearby Broyd View overnight on Monday.

Glass was taken from the wing mirrors of three cars parked on Princess Avenue.

Police have arrested and charged a local man in his early twenties with theft.

He is due to appear before Lancaster magistrates on August 10.

Officers are also warning people in the Greaves area to ensure their vehicles are left secure after a recent spate of property thefts from cars. Call 101 to report any suspicious activity.