Bid to tackle rural crime in community


The community is being asked to help police tackle sheep and livestock thefts in rural areas.

Over the past three years throughout Cumbria £413,530 of livestock has been stolen, £368,761 of which relates specifically to sheep thefts.

In order to tackle this issue, Cumbria Police are raising awareness of how local residents in rural communities can report suspicious behaviour to the police in order to concentrate resources and make life difficult for thieves.

Temporary Detective Sergeant Andrew Lamb said: “The intelligence we receive from our communities is vital to us in providing them with the best possible service.

“It is key for us to work together to put a stop to this type of rural crime.

“When people see something out of place or someone acting suspiciously I urge them to contact Cumbria Police through the non-emergency 101 number straight away. Superintendent Gary Slater added: “Analysis shows that November and December are our most prolific periods for sheep theft.

“Whilst the number of thefts is decreasing, we can still do more to reduce this even further.

“The thefts have a great impact on our local farmers and in these times of financial hardship, it is something we can all work to reduce.”

Police and Crime Commissioner Richard Rhodes said: “I welcome the police operation and it is only by all of us working together that we will make a difference.

“The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner is working with the Constabulary to develop a strategy that focuses specifically on rural areas and crime.” Report information via the Farmwatch Community Messaging service.