BB gun victim could have been blinded

The BB guns seized by police at St Peter's Church in Heysham.
The BB guns seized by police at St Peter's Church in Heysham.

A boy was hit in the eye with a BB gun pellet.

Police said the nine-year-old was playing with his friends on the fields near the Combermere Road estate in Heysham when the pellet grazed his eyeball.

North West Ambulance Service were called to the scene on Delamere Avenue in Heysham at 3.23pm on May 29.

The boy was taken to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary for treatment.

Police said that luckily he only suffered a minor injury but the incident highlights the dangers of BB type guns, which can cause serious injury, including blindness.

A 13-year-old youth has been arrested and bailed in connection with the incident whilst further enquiries are made. The incident came only a week after police seized BB guns from a group of youths near St Peter’s Church in Heysham. Police were on patrol when they were informed that a group of youths were firing BB guns in the wooded garden area of the church.

The youths were spoken to and advised that BB guns are not allowed to be used in a public place and that even if they did not mean to they had caused people to leave the area as they felt intimidated.

Inspector Kirstie Banks Lyon of Morecambe Police said: “BB guns are not toys. Luckily the boy’s eye will 
heal but it just highlights the dangers.”