Crime boss points out key issues in district

Police Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw
Police Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw

Nuisance behaviour and trouble fuelled by alcohol are the main concerns people in Lancaster and Morecambe report to police, Lancashire’s crime commissioner has said.

In an interview on his first year in office, Clive Grunshaw said in North Lancashire there was high demand for a visible police presence and neighbourhood policing to deal with such issues.

“They have the biggest impact on people’s lives,” he explained.

“We are making sure we have a swift response to anti-social behaviour.”

With Lancashire Police set to lose 25 per cent of its budget by 2017 - more than £73 million - Mr Grunshaw said the force had to “maintain what the public says it wants”, but work differently and much closer with other groups, such as the city council.

He described the 12 months since his election as a “whirlwind” and one of change.

He said: “I was on the police authority before and I don’t think I could have prepared myself for the amount of change that there has been.

“The focus is very different because the role has been created to be the public voice and we’re more focussed on community engagement, being more accountable and how we listen to what people tell us.”