Court listings 31/01/17

The following people were dealt with at Lancaster Magistrates Court:

Tuesday, 31st January 2017, 12:00 pm
COURT Lancaster Magistrates Court. 23080411

BAILEY, Beth (41), Clarendon Road, Lancaster. Breached a suspended sentence order. Suspended sentence varied. Committed to prison for eight weeks suspended for 12 months. Curfew for five weeks with electronic tag.

BUIST, Charles Alexander (25), Cavendish Road, Morecambe. Assault. Community order with six month drug 
rehabilitation order. Fined £115.

GALLACHER, Carol Frances Margaret (49), Rowan Place, Lancaster. Theft x8. Breached criminal behaviour order x8. Thirty-two weeks jail suspended for 24 months. Costs £115.

KNOTT, Gordon George (36), Schola Green Lane, Morecambe. Assault. Community order with rehabilitation requirement. Fined £30, costs £85.

MARSH, Paul (49), Banks Crescent, Heysham. Theft. Failed to surrender to court. Fined £130, compensation £200, costs £30. To be detained in courthouse.

MATHEWS, Jason Kevin (32), Beaumont Street, Lancaster. Drink driving. Fined £192, costs £115, disqualified from driving for 38 months.

MCCRUM, Richard Joseph (31), Euston Grove, Morecambe. Criminal damage. Fined £80, compensation £80, costs £85.

MCGEE, Damien Mark (31), Claremont Crescent, Morecambe. Breached a community order. Order to continue. Fined £35. Breached a restraining order. Order to continue. Community order with rehabilitation. Costs £120.

SATTERLY, Marcus William (55), no fixed abode. Assault x2. Committed to prison for 18 weeks concurrent. Compensation £200, costs £115.

SMITH, Lewis William (18), Torrisholme Square, Morecambe. Drug driving. Fined £80, costs £115, 10 points on licence.

TAYLOR, Daniel Terry (24), Greenwater Court, Mainway, Lancaster. Assault. Fined £200, costs £115.

WALSH, Stephen (57), Hermitage Estate, Low Road, Lancaster. In charge of a motor vehicle whilst over the drink drive limit. Fined £1,538, costs £153, disqualified for six months.

WOOD, Scott Andrew (28), Carleton Street, Morecambe. Drink driving. Driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence. Possession of class B drug. Driving without insurance. Taking a car without the owner’s consent. Community order with four month curfew. Costs £170, disqualified from driving for 48 months. Forfeiture and destruction of drugs.