Court listings

The following people were dealt with at Lancaster Magistrates’ Court:

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 16th October 2014, 1:24 pm
Lancaster Magistrates Court.
Lancaster Magistrates Court.

ANGUS, Oliver Paul (23), Fleet Green, Lancaster. Possession of a knife in a public place. Failed to surrender to custody. Fined £40, costs £20, detained in courthouse.

ATKINSON, Colin (34), Lathom Grove, Morecambe. Criminal damage of a police vehicle. Fined £200, compensation £200, costs £105.

BARTLETT, Robbie (19), Aldrens Lane, Lancaster. Non-payment of fine. Further time to pay ordered.

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BERRY, Nicola (33), Westminster Road, Morecambe. Travelled on train without paying fare. Fined £55, compensation £17.20, costs £95.

BOGIN, Paul (46), Windermere Road, Carnforth. Theft x2. Jail for 35 days suspended for 12 months. Theft. Breached conditional discharge. Resentenced for original offences of theft, failing to surrender to custody and using threatening words/behaviour. Thirty-five days jail suspended for 12 months, costs £80.

BRIERLEY, Craig Steven (48), Thornton Road, Morecambe. Drunk and disorderly. Fined £35, costs £20.

CASS, Neil Thomas, Park Street, Morecambe. Entered train without having valid ticket. Fined £200, compensation £1.90, costs £170.

CODY, Lorna Marie (26), Bare Lane, Morecambe. Entered train without valid ticket. Fined £200, compensation £1.90, costs £170.

COPEMAN, Anthony Francis (30), Twemlow Parade, Heysham. Resisted a police constable in the execution of his duty. Fined £200, costs £145.

DORRINGTON, James Keith (48), Heysham Road, Heysham. Sexually touched a woman without consent. Fined £185, compensation £20, costs £320. Drove without due care and attention. Drove for period of more than 10 hours in a working day. Fined £110, three points on licence.

EDGE, Stephen (39), Low Bentham Road, Bentham. Speeding. Fined £265, costs £111.50, banned from driving for 42 days.

GALLACHER, Carol Frances (47), Rowan Place, Lancaster. Theft. Conviction of an offence whilst subject to a community order. Community order revoked. Resentenced for original offences of theft x3. Twelve month community order with drug rehabilitation requirement. Costs £60.

GAVIN, John Paul, Mellishaw Lane, Morecambe. Drink driving. Fined £110, costs £105, disqualified from driving for three years.

HANNIGAN, Robert Paul (22), Ayr Street, Lancaster. Possession of cocaine and cannabis. Conditional discharge for 12 months. Costs £100. Drugs to be forfeited and destroyed.

HEALD, Mark James (28), Westgate Avenue, Morecambe. Non-payment of fine. Attachment of Earnings Order made for the collection of £280.

KAVANAGH, Adam James (23), Lancaster Road, Morecambe. Possession of cannabis. Six months conditional discharge. Costs £15.

MARSHALL, Alan Benjamin (23), Sandylands Promenade, Heysham. Assaulted a PC. Possession of cannabis. Compensation £50. Twelve month conditional discharge. Costs £15. Forfeiture and destruction of drugs.

MOGHADDAM, Soraya (18), Clifton Drive, Morecambe. Entered train without valid ticket. Fined £200, compensation £1.90, costs £170.

OLDFIELD, Ryan Alexander (22), Westminster Road, Morecambe. Assault. Community order with 12 months supervision. Compensation £500, fined £350, costs £260.

PICHARDO, John James (29), Hampsfell Drive, Morecambe. Failed to comply with suspended sentence. Order varied to include six weeks jail sentence suspended for 12 months plus 18 months supervision.

PUFFETT, David James (22), Greaves Road, Lancaster. Assault x2. Twelve weeks community order and curfew. Compensation £1,000, fined £300.

RATCLIFFE, William Malcolm (55), Artlebeck Road, Caton. Theft x2. Failed to surrender. Commission of offence whilst subject to a conditional discharge. Resentenced for original offence of theft. Community order for six months. Fined £20, costs £60.

ROBINSON, Michael Paul (31), Merefell Road, Bolton-le-Sands. Drink driving. Fined £240, costs £109, banned from driving for 12 months.

ROTHERHAM, Lee Ian (45), Kingsway, Heysham. Assault. Breached conditional discharge. Eight weeks prison. Costs £80. Non-payment of fine. Detained in courthouse until the court rises.

RUTKOWSKI, Tomasz Franciszek (36), West End Road, Morecambe. Criminal damage. Assault. Compensation £150, costs £145, community order with six months supervision.

SEALEY, Mark (21), Bryony Court, Westgate, Morecambe. Failed to comply with community order. Order to continue. Assault. Fined £100, compensation £25, costs £70.

SINCLAIR, Mervyn (49), Oak Avenue, Morecambe. Harassment. Community order with 18 months supervision. Fined £65, costs £145.

STEEL, Louise Sarah (33), Ryelands Road, Lancaster. Threatening behaviour. Possession of an offensive weapon in a public place. Six weeks prison suspended for 12 months. Supervision order for 12 months with 120 hours unpaid work. Costs £165.

SWITHENBANK, Paul (48), Thornton Road, Morecambe. Drunk and disorderly. Fined £35, costs £20.

TURNER, Ryan (29), Oxford Street, Morecambe. Assault. Discharged conditionally for nine months. Compensation £50, costs £100.

WALKER, Jordan John (22), Highland Brow, Galgate. Breach of the peace. Bound over in the sum of £100 for 12 months.

WILLIAMSON, Steven James (47), Whalley Road, Lancaster. Failed to surrender to custody x2. Fined £50, costs £20.