Court listings

The following people were dealt with at Lancaster Magistrates’ Court:

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 4th June 2015, 10:44 am
Lancaster Magistrates Court.
Lancaster Magistrates Court.

BARTON, Jim (30), Aldrens Lane, Lancaster. Assault. Discharged conditionally for six months. Compensation £75, costs £150.

BIRBECK, Luke (21), Norton Road, Heysham. Non-payment of fine. Sum to be recovered.

BUCKLEY, Darren Peter (40), Barrows Lane, Heysham. Speeding. Fined £200, costs £170, three penalty points.

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BURNS, Robert Thomas (57), Albert Road, Morecambe. Fraud – dishonestly failed to disclose information. Breached an order prohibiting contact with children. Committed to prison for 32 weeks suspended for 18 months. Costs £380.

CROFT, David Anthony (35), Heaton Road, Lancaster. Assaulted police officer in execution of duty. Used threatening words/behaviour. Breached conditional discharge. Community order with rehabilitation activity requirement. Compensation £50, costs £150.

DOYLE, Daniel William (22), Sandylands Promenade, Heysham. Criminal damage. Breached conditional discharge. Compensation £118.61, costs £150, twelve month conditional discharge.

ELLIOTT, Matthew Glenn (40), Euston Road, Morecambe. Theft. Discharged conditionally for 12 months. Compensation £11.54, costs £65. Non-payment of fine. Payment plan agreed.

GROGAN, Jack Paul (18), Levens Drive, Heysham. Drink driving. Fined £110, costs £220, banned from driving for 17 months.

IBBITSON, John Albert (42), Marine Road West, Morecambe. Assaulted police officer in the execution of duty. Discharged conditionally for 12 months. Compensation £100, costs £150. Non-payment of fine. Further time to pay ordered.

JOHNSON, Lydia Jane (21), Willow Lane. Lancaster. Theft. Breached conditional order. Sentenced for original offence of possession of cannabis. Six weeks jail suspended for 12 months. Costs 

KENNEDY, Liam James (26), Church Brow, Bolton-le-Sands. Shoplifting. Twelve month conditional discharge. Compensation £23, costs £235.

KENWAY, Phillip Darren (27), Sefton Road, Heysham. Fraud by false representation. Receiving stolen goods. Breached a suspended sentence. Resentenced for original offences of making off without payment and theft x3. Sixteen weeks prison. Costs £80.

MCINTOSH, Ella Louise (20), Barley Cop Lane, Lancaster. Drink driving. Fined £150, costs £255, banned from driving for 19 months.

PARKINSON, Diane (56), Warren Grove, Heysham. Dishonestly arranged to receive stolen goods. Fined £70, costs £105. Possessed amphetamine. Fined £70. Drugs forfeited and destroyed.

RYAN, Daniel Norman (25), Low Road, Middleton, Morecambe. Drove without due care and attention. No insurance, no test certificate. Fined £100, costs £265, eight penalty points.

TAYLOR, Gayle (36), Broadway, Lancaster. Assault. Community order for 12 months with supervision. Compensation £100, costs £60.

TAYLOR, Matthew Jack Mark (28), Sycamore Grove, Lancaster. Theft. Twelve weeks prison. Costs £260.

WALKER, Jordan John (22), Highland Brow, Galgate. Non-payment of fine. Application made for benefit deductions. Assault. Community order with 40 hours unpaid work. Costs £210.

WARD, Paul Mark (42), Euston Road, Morecambe. Theft x7. Breached a conditional discharge. Resentenced for original offence of theft. Community order for 12 months with drug rehabilitation requirement for six months. Fined £50, costs £145. Non-payment of fine. To be detained in the courthouse until court rises.