Court date for Lancaster man who broke neighbour’s jaw

COURT'Lancaster Magistrates Court. 23080411
COURT'Lancaster Magistrates Court. 23080411

A 21-year-old has pleaded guilty to punching his neighbour in the face, fracturing his jaw and leaving him unconscious in his own home.

Kyle Tweedale, of Clarendon Road, Lancaster, was charged with inflicted grievous bodily harm on neighbour Richard Thornton.

Tweedale appeared before Lancaster Magistrates on Tuesday over the offence which occurred at Clarendon Road on Thursday September 21 at 8.30pm.

Mrs Pamela Smith, prosecuting, read Mr Thornton’s statement to the court which described the moment he heard the defendant banging at his door shouting “what the f*** are you doing in there?” Prior to this Mr Thornton said he was messaging a woman when his ex-partner snatched his phone and hid it in her hoodie top.

He tried to retrieve the phone when banging began.

Mr Thornton said the defendant stormed in and became aggressive, he was speaking to him about relationships, stood up to leave when all of a sudden he turned around and punched him. He said when he awoke the defendant was gone and the door was left wide open.

Mr Daniel Spencer, defending, said: “The defendant was at his home, he lives with a friend and his girlfriend, and heard someone screaming next door, asking for help. The victim’s ex-girlfriend is actually in court today supporting the defendant.

“He goes around and can see the complainant in the window holding her by the neck area. He gestured for his girlfriend and the other girl to go to his house, the defendant was getting angry, he just witnessed what he believed to be a domestic incident.

“He accepts that in anger he punched him, he realises he has gone too far and goes back to check on the woman.”

Tweedale will appear at Preston Crown Court for sentencing on November 24 at 10am.