Couple’s wedding to be aired on TV

Terry Jenkins and wife Sonya who had their wedding filmed on Saturday for a Sky programme
Terry Jenkins and wife Sonya who had their wedding filmed on Saturday for a Sky programme
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A CLAPHAM couple’s village wedding will be aired on television after it was filmed for a Sky TV programme.

Terry and Sonya Jenkins were recorded saying their nuptials by a Sky Living camera crew for their Four Weddings programme. The show takes a similar format to Come Dine With Me, with four couples competing to win a luxury honeymoon.

The four brides are invited to each of the weddings, and must rate them on the food, the bride’s dress, the venue and the overall experience of the day.

Terry, who runs Clapham Village Store, said: “We applied just before Christmas thinking it probably wouldn’t happen because it was quite short notice for them with us having a May wedding.

“But it turned out our date fitted in well and we were picked.

“We run the local store and were using the village church and village hall for the wedding, and I think they liked that.”

Terry and Sonya were married in St James’s Church in Clapham on Saturday, followed by a reception at Clapham Village Hall. Terry, who is 50 and originally from the Midlands, wrote two of the church service readings.

The reception was a vintage tea party, with nostalgic music from the 1930s and 40s playing, and many of the female guests arrived in vintage dresses.

Terry said the presence of a TV crew didn’t take anything away from the special day.

“We didn’t really notice the TV crews, they were very unobtrusive,” he said.

“They were a really nice bunch of people, who did their best not to interfere.

“They were filming the three other brides and their reactions to our wedding mainly. In some ways, it made the day even better for us and hopefully we’ll win the honeymoon.”

Sonya, who is 52 and from the USA, has been to one of the other weddings, with two more still to go.

The couple will find out if they have won the contest in early June, and the show is expected to be aired in August or September.

“We couldn’t afford our own honeymoon which is why we applied to the programme,” Terry said. “We are quietly confident of winning.”