County council elections: What you need to know

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Lancashire County Council’s elections take place every four years.

This year, people will go to the polls on May 2, with results announced the following day.

On average, around 71 per cent of your overall council tax bill goes to the county council.

The authority has an annual budget of around £753m, which is used to deliver a range of services including maintaining 4,352 miles of road, disposing of more than 600,000 tonnes of waste, running schools, and supporting vulnerable children and older people.

All 84 divisions of the council will be contested on Thursday.

At the moment, the council has 51 Conservative councillors, 17 Labour, nine Liberal Democrats, three Independents, two from the Green Party, one from the BNP, and one from the Idle Toad Party.

There will also be a by-election in Lancaster’s Bulk ward after city councillor Ceri Mumford stood down.

Below is a breakdown of all the candidates for the Lancaster and Morecambe area.


Ken Brown - Conservatives

Nigel Brown - UKIP

Geoff Knight - Independent

Margaret Pattison - Labour

Gisela Renolds - Green Party

Lancaster Central

Gina Dowding - Green Party

Colin Hartley - Labour

Peter Jewell - Independent

Steve Metcalfe - TUSC Against Cuts

Michael John Mumford - Liberal Democrats

Sally Thornton - UKIP

Janet Walton - Conservatives

Lancaster East

Billy Hill - Conservatives

Richard Newman-Thompson - Labour

Edward Oldfield - Independent

Sam Riches - Green Party

Lancaster Rural East

Susie Charles - Conservatives

Chris Coates - Green Party

Stuart Langhorn - Labour

Frederick McGlade - UKIP

Joyce Pritchard - Liberal Democrats

Lancaster Rural North

Matthew David Hood - Labour

Alycia Jayne James - Conservatives

Mark Robert Nelson - UKIP

Mark Westcombe - Green Party

Lancaster South East

Jack Filmore - Green Party

Chris Henig - Labour

Joan Jackson - Conservatives

Janie Elizabeth Kirkman - Liberal Democrats

Peter Okenla - TUSC Against Cuts

Alexander James Woolf - UKIP

Morecambe North

Tony Anderson - Independent

Tony Jones - Conservatives

Abi Mills - Green Party

Stephen Charles Wheeler - Labour

Morecambe South

Darren Clifford - Labour

Roger Dennison - Independent

Michael Gradwell - Liberal Democrats

Harris Kaloudis - Green Party

Gina Loxam - UKIP

Barry John Maguire - Socialist Labour Party

Susan Sykes - Conservatives

Morecambe West

Harry Philip Armistead - Liberal Democrats

David Gallagher - Conservatives

Janice Hanson - Labour

Steven Ogden - UKIP

Catriona Stamp - Green Party

Geoff Walker - Independent


David Fleet - Green Party

Nigel Goodrich - Conservatives

Niki Penney - Labour


Simon Noble - UKIP

Sandra Perkins Independent

Ben Whittingham - Labour and Co-operative Party

Val Wilson - Conservatives

Lancaster City Council by-election

Bulk Ward

Bob Clark - Labour

Caroline Jackson - Green Party

Kevan Walton - Conservative