County cost cutting hits youth services

YOUNG people’s services across the Lancaster district are being cut as part of a county council cost-saving exercise.

Lancashire County Council’s Young People’s Service (YPS) will pull out of one of its bases in Woodhill Street,

Morecambe, and reduced services will be offered in Lancaster and Heysham.

County Coun Chris Coates said that the cuts, amounting to £8.4m across the county over three years, would cause problems elsewhere.

“This is a false economy,” he said.

“The amount of youth provision before the cuts was very low – now it is nearly non-existent.

“I can see the logic in reducing management levels but front-line youth services are vital.

“I am sure that we will now see more money spent by the police on trying to sort out anti-social behaviour than has been saved by cutting these vital services.”

See the Lancaster Guardian (02-06-11) for full story.