Council to support Lancaster University students against fee and rent increases


A city councillor says he disagrees with plans to ask Lancaster University not to increase their on-campus rents and tuition fees for students.

Coun Keith Budden believes Lancaster City Council should not get involved with the university as it is simply not “their business.”

The university plans to increase on-campus rents by 2.5 percent and international and postgraduate tuition fees by five percent.

Students have protested against this and the court of Lancaster University recently voted against the proposed increases.

Lancaster City Council will write to the university about the plans.

The decision was met with a mixed reaction at a city council meeting on Wednesday afternoon.

Coun Budden said: “I will not support it because it is not any of our business quite frankly, it is a matter for them.

“Students should come into Lancaster, they are welcome to spend their money into our music venues, pubs and restaurants. The option is there for them.”

The average on-campus rent advertised for 2015-16 is approximately £109 per week for a single room in shared accommodation.

The let is equivalent to 76 percent of the maximum student maintenance loan, leaving some students dependent on their parents or part-time jobs.

Coun Ian Pattison disagreed with Coun Budden and said: “I am standing to support this, it is completely our business, students need a strong voice.”

Coun Joyce Taylor said: “Children don’t just belong to the university, they belong to all of us, we should speak up for children as we are their voice.”

The council will address the vice chancellor of Lancaster University, expressing their concern regarding the proposed fee and rent increases.

They will also ask what the university is doing to ensure how students from unprivileged backgrounds are able to afford their studies.