Council rents soar

Labour’s plans to hike council house rents to raise funds to build new homes have been given the go-ahead.

Following a heated one-and-a-quarter-hour debate at Morecambe Town Hall, the 7.8 per cent increase was approved by a majority vote.

The issue split Lancaster City Council’s Lab-Green coalition cabinet, with the Green party bitterly opposing the plans.

Coun Mumford, a Green, said: “Tenants on the Ridge say they are already struggling to pay their bills.

“This rise is the equivalent of not putting the gas on for an evening or going without two meals.

“The Green party supports affordable council housing and if it’s not affordable then what’s the point?

“Some council members are advocating making profit out of the poorest members of our area in order to achieve their aims.”

See the Lancaster Guardian (09-02-12) for full story.