Comic Mitchell to sign copies of his new book

David Mitchell
David Mitchell

Comedian and social commentator David Mitchell will be signing copies of his new book at an event at The Grand in Lancaster on Saturday afternoon.

Mitchell, who you may know for his TV comedy panel appearances on shows like Never Mind the Buzzcocks, his look of permanent discomfort on C4 comedy Peep Show, or just for wearing a stick-on moustache in That Mitchell and Webb Look, has written a book about his life.

His television appearances also include Have I Got News for You, QI, Would I Lie to You and 10 o’clock Live, where he is a presenter.

He is also a Radio 4 regular, appearing on Desert Island Discs, Just a Minute and presently on The Unbelievable Truth.

This autumn will see the return of Peep Show to our television screens, with the broadcast of series 8 on Channel 4.

It is the longest-running sitcom in Channel 4’s history.

His new book, described by Mitchell himself as a “disgusting memoir”, details among other things “the singular, pitbull-infested charm of the FRP (‘Flat Roofed Pub’)”, why, by the time he got to Cambridge, he really, really needed a drink and “that he has fallen in love a lot, but rarely done anything about it”.

The event kicks off at 2pm, where Mitchell will also be taking questions from the audience.

Tickets are £20, and the price also includes a signed copy of his “memoir” David Mitchell: Back Story.